What would be an appropriate answer when asked why the gap


I have a scheduled interview next week Tuesday and I have a question.

My f1 visa interview was rejected in august for fall 2022 and I have applied again for the spring session.

I graduated in 2012 in Biological sciences and have been teaching biology in secondary school since then (though I have taught in two schools)

What would be an appropriate answer when asked why the gap and what I have been doing since then?

Hi Peter,

Do you mean a gap since you graduated college? If so, just let the Visa Officer know that you were working.

Thousands of students work in the industry before pursuing their Master’s degree. Since you have a previous rejection, we highly recommend you book a Mock F1 Visa Interview with us. Usually, we would recommend the F1 Visa Consultation sessions as well, but it looks like we don’t have enough time to cover it.

Good luck!

my interview is in next month
my graduation is completed in sep 2022 and after my graduation complete I give PTE exam in jan 2023 then whats about the other month from jan to aug? how to answer this question?

how i contact you do u have any email or number

It is common for Students to have a gap after their graduation before they apply for the next program. Please share what you did in the interim, such as working or taking any courses or anything else that aligns with your long-term goals.