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Hi, I’m suganya. I have a F1 visa which expired in late 2021. Now, I’ve applied for my B2 visa and my son’s first time b2 visa. I recently learned that I may be eligible for interview waiver. But, I already booked a visa appointment for 2026 January. Could you please tell me what would be the right way to move forward? Is it okay to courier the application at this stage for both my son and myself? In that case, do I get the interview fee back? Im a canadian resident and Indian citizen and applied for B2 from Canada. Thanks!

Hi All.

I do have an interesting question which will be helpful for my career!

I have B1/B2 Us Visa already. And I got my h1b work visa petition approved. My question is - Am I eligible for Dropbox ? Instead of in person interview.

Your answers are much helpful.