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Hii I’m prasad alaparthi

Hi Prasad. Welcome, and thanks for introducing yourself. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions on other discussion boards.

Hi, I am Edwin from Hyderabad, India.

I am seeking for Visa appointment and mock interviews.

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Welcome, Edwin. We’re glad you introduced yourself.

Hello I am Juliana.

Hi Juliana,

Welcome! We’re glad you’re here.

Hi Vish. Welcome!

I am Adeyinka from Nigeria

Bonjour je suis Jeanne d’Arc du Cameroun j aimerais avoir des conseils pour obtenir un visa étudiant américain svp

Salut. Nous sommes heureux de vous aider, mais comme nous sommes dans une communauté qui s’adresse aux membres souhaitant voyager aux États-Unis, nous vous demandons de communiquer en anglais :slight_smile:

Hi. We’re happy to help, but since we’re in a community that caters to members wanting to travel to the USA, we ask you to communicate in English :slight_smile:

Greetings of the day officer,
I am looking for guidence of visa interview

Hi Azeem,

Welcome! Check out our services at https://greencardez.com/services

Hi my name is Foday mansaray I’m a final year student studying Ba Honours Tourism management. Im a Sierra Leonean by nationality

Im presently working on finding schools to pursuing my graduate studies in the USA coming spring 2023 academic calendar. Actually Im on the verg to completing two school’s online applications. I came across of your educative content on your YouTube channel which Im interested of and I’m so excited to be here and I would like to be working with you or you be my F1 visa coach

I am MD azeemuddin completed my bachelors at Kakatiya University in electrical engineering and applying for masters in electrical and computer engineering at saint Louis university in USA and, I am here to seek help and guidance for my f1 visa interview.

Hi my name is Osato Alao. I need specialist services on F1 visa mock interviews till day of my interview.

Thank you.