Visa Question

Hello! I have 3.5 years of experience after my Bachelor’s and now I’m going for a Master’s degree. Usually the VO asks just 1-2 questions like how many universities and why this university. Is it okay if I mention my backstory and then the reason for choosing that particular University in “Why this university” question? Any help would be appreciated.

Answer the question related to your course of study all Universities in America are good and have good research facilities… You can answer like this . I want to specialised in structural engineering and I have a friend at the school studying (mention any major in the school or same Major you are going for) whose recommended the school to me and for the past few months I have been communicating with (research names of professor in your field? Mentioned like 3) whose research focused alligned with my areas of Interests. That’s best answer to answer internet answer or what consular have been hearing everyday. I hope this helps

Yes, we encourage you to share your personal story. That’s precisely what the Visa Officers are looking for. They want to understand the reasoning behind your decision and how it ties into your plans.