Visa Interview Waivers eligibility

So as per the criteria’s mentioned in the video the applicant qualifies for all the criteria’s listed below

  1. Applying to place of nationality
  2. First time B1/B2 visa rejected but was approved second time.
  3. Applicant doesn’t have any criminal charges

But I have additional queries regarding the additional two criteria’s to be fullfilled that currently applicant has below states:

  1. Again applying for B1/B2 visa that was previously issued and currently expired
  2. The previous B1/B2 visa issued is expired in December 2023.

Question - Does this applicant qualify for the interview waiver as he was issued B1/B2 visa and again applying for the same?

Yes, the applicant qualifies.

B1/B2 visa holders qualify for an interview waiver when renewing the same type of visa, i.e., B1/B2 visas.

I’m currently in Australia as a Student Visa holder for about 13months. And my Aunt wants me to visit the US. Last May 2023, i had my first B1/B2 interview in sydney australia but i got refuse and i want to apply again for tourist visa this year.

The question is, On my second try, am i eligible for the visa interview waiver?