Urgent! Explain your undergrad project

Hey! I’ve my F1 visa interview in 8 days, could you help me with a response for explain your undergrad project? For context I did my B.Tech in Civil engineering and switched to product management. I’ve three years of work experience which is relevant to the Masters program I’ll be pursuing - MEM. I took an elective called product design and development and did a project as well during undergrad. How to tackle this question if asked to explain my undergrad project?

Visa Officers typically don’t drill down too much into minute details. If you get asked about it, you should approach it by mentioning what your future goals and plans are and how that ties into it.

It sounds like it was a pivotal part in your change from Civil Engineering to Product Management. You could speak briefly in a sentence or two at the most, but use it to draw attention to how it helped you get on the track that you’re currently pursuing.