New DS-160 for F1 Visa Appointment

After visa refusal, i want to create a new application for VISA for paying fee and booking slots , having the new DS160 confirmation number. Can i create new application even if it didnt fill all the details in DS160 , with only the confimantion number? because i wanted to change university and didnt recieved i 20.
So the question is , Even if i didnt fill the details in DS160, can i create the visa application with just the DS 160 confimation number? and fill all the details few days prior the VISA APPOINTMENT?

Assuming you’re applying for your visa in India. Per the US Visa Consulate, they’re asking applicants to complete their DS-160 before booking their visa appointment.

Although there is a provision to fill out a new DS-160 and update the records at the time of your VAC appointment, we recommend booking your Visa appointment with your desired DS-160.