Is my answer convincing enough for the Visa officer?

My uncle is sponsoring me, he own a pharmacy and supermarket company in US and have established a branch in Nigeria which he wants me to manage ,so he wants me to study international studies in masters to have a Wilder knowledge of international business. Please is this enough reason to convince the interviewer .

Additionally, I want to be a pioneer founder of international studies in IMO state university Nigeria, where I did my bachelor’s. Does it make sense to present this ?

I did Hospitality and tourism management in my bachelor’s degree but am going for international studies in my masters to enable me have wilder knowledge of international business b,economy management, policy and politics, to be more effective in managing my uncle’s business after graduation.
Please is this a enough reason to convince the interviewer?

Hi Maxwell.

It would be best if you had a compelling narrative. You have a great start, but you need to build upon it. You must tie your academic and industry background, post-graduation plans, and US study plans into a cohesive story. You need to organically inform the visa officers of your intent to leave the US after completing your studies. If you can do this and interview well, you will succeed.

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