Family in Us

Hello, GREEN CARD team my mom, dad, and brother are in us dad and mom are on green cards, and our brother and his family are on p.r. I got refused once how should I respond when the visa officer asked me about this situation

If you are applying for student Visa you visa likely to be denied many times because you have strong ties to United States there is no way they will approved your visa because of your strong ties to United States Remember student visa is non immmigrant visa

Your best bet is to display strong ties through your prospects in your home country. If you have a contingent job offer, it could be one way of demonstrating a solid reason to return upon graduation. When you talk about your long-term plans, figure out ways of showing how you will depart the US.

is metarnal grandparents and uncle consider as family member?

Grandparents are considered family members. As long as your Uncle is a sibling of your either parent, then yes.