F1 visa refusal under 214(B)

Hello sir!

I got admitted in university of new haven for masters of public health. I took my f1 visa interview on 27 th November. VO refused my visa under 214(b) stating that I have insufficient funds and I failed to show ties to home country.

Before I planned to go on self finance but now I got my education loan sanctioned, for ties to home country I have job offer letter from the institution which am gonna work after masters. Will that be sufficient sir ? Please guide me sir

Which country is your future employer in? If it’s outside of the US, it will help but it won’t be sufficient by itself to secure a visa.

You have the burden of overcoming your previous denial. You’ll need to ensure you’re prepared to effectively communicate how your circumstances have changed since you last appeared for your interview.

We offer visa prep services should you need help. Good luck!

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