F1 Visa Interview Waiver Pathway

How can I get F1 Visa Interview Waiver after achieving all the required criteria mentioned in the Video?
Need a pathway to get Interview Waiver.

You need to follow the regular Visa Interview booking process. When making an appointment, the Visa booking system will let you know whether you’ve qualified for a drop-box appointment.

Remember that the Visa Officers can overrule this decision and still ask you to come in. When this happens, they send you a letter and typically ask you to come in on your chosen day.

Hi @greencardEZ-team,

I have a previous J1 visa that got expired in July 2023. I am planning to go to US this fall 2024 and will be applying for an F1 visa. I am eligible for the waiver right?

Additionally, I have one more question regarding visa. I am subject to a ‘2-year home residency requirement’ because of my previous J1 visa. I have not completed 2 years in my home country and might not be able to enter US on certain visas like H1B, K, L visa but as per my research, I can apply and get an F1 visa right, since its a nonimmigrant visa? Please confirm these two queries. Thank you!

Mind sharing your source? As far as we know, you need to file a waiver and have it approved.

Hi, for the benefit of others, just want to mention that I got the F1 interview waiver very easily and wasnt called for interview afterwards also. Also, if you are subject to J1 2 year home residency and going to US again on a non-immigrant visa such as F1, it wont be a problem. I only completed 1 year of my 2 year home residency requirement but I just got my new F1 visa in June!

That’s fantastic. Congratulations, and thanks for sharing your experience with the community.