F1 Visa Interview - Speech Stammering

Hello,i gave my interview at Mumbai embassy on 21 july. Officer asked me only one question…how many admits did you get? And then i answered it but when i was answering I stammered twice as i have stammering problem…so i told him that i have this problem and after that he did not ask me a single question and rejected me…If i will go for second time so would i get rejected because of i have stammering problem??
Please reply me with that

There are two things you can do:

First, when booking your Visa appointment, did you list your disability? It would help if you mentioned it the next time you schedule your Visa appointment.

Second, when you appear at the window, you can proactively inform the US visa officer that you have a speech impediment. You could smile and say something like, “Good Morning. I wanted to let you know I stammer, so please be patient with me.”

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