F1 Visa Interview Experience

Please share your F1 Visa Interview Experience (at the US Consulate/Embassy) here so we can help our fellow community members succeed.

Firstly a big thanks to the GreencardEZ team for the mock which really helped me to gain confidence and understand my flaws and how to structure my answers.

Thanks for your kind words, Kshitij.

Could you please share specifics around your F1 Visa Interview? For example, what questions were asked, your perspective, and any other insights you feel comfortable sharing.

Thank you to Team Greencard Ez for their mock interview services and the emergency mock interview.
Special mention to the kind Sir who took my mock interview yesterday as his inputs were constructive for the actual visa interview process. Initially, I was very nervous. But the mock interview helped me calm down, and focus only on the important positive details.
Thank you! :slight_smile: I shall forever be grateful to you guys!

Thanks, Aditi, and Congratulations on your Visa! What a phenomenal feeling, isn’t it :smiling_face:

Could you share additional details - the check in experience, questions asked, and anything else that would help others?

Yes, sure! My interview was scheduled at 8:30 AM at the US Consulate in Chennai. I reached at 7 AM and there was a long queue, plus it was raining. The check-in process is pretty simple, they allow people inside by respective slot times. I was allowed around 8 AM.
I had already watched a lot of Greencard Ez’s Youtube videos, therefore I knew that no bags, phones, watches etc are allowed and this saved a lot of time for me. At the security check, only a file folder is allowed. I was carrying only my file folder, hence my process was quick. (Umbrellas were allowed as it was raining that morning in Chennai)
I had to wait 5-10 minutes again. Once inside the building, I could see people getting accepted and rejected. There were 3 counters in front of me, 3 counters not visible to me.
I got assigned Counter Number 30. (which was not visible to other people)
American Male Visa Officer. He gave the guy in front of me a white slip, stating ‘Sorry, can’t approve your visa under Section 214(b)’. He called me ahead, he was still typing.
VO - Just give me a few seconds.
Me - Sure Sir!
VO - Please pass me your form I-20, SEVIS fee payment receipt.
Me - A very good morning Officer, how are you doing today, here are my documents!
VO - (Smiled at me) A very good morning to you too, I am doing very well, thank you for asking!
VO - So, when did you complete your bachelor’s?
Me - Sir, I completed my Bachelor of Architecture in 2020.
VO - What have you been doing since then?
Me - Sir, I was working as a junior architect for some time, then I quit my job and I was freelancing. Then I decided to pursue my master’s degree.
VO - Why did you quit your job?
Me - Sir, architecture is a creative design process. I want to start my own Architecture Firm in India, for that, I need to upgrade my technical and management skillset, which is why I decided to pursue my Master of Science in Construction Management.
VO - (Checks my I-20 again) Okay, so you’re going to Houston for Construction Management.
Me - Yes Sir!
VO - Where do you see yourself in like 20 years? What’s your ultimate dream?
Me - Sir, honestly, my dream was to be an architect, and now I am an architect. My ultimate dream is to build skyscrapers, for that, I need to conquer these steps and I want to pursue this master’s course.
VO - Okay young lady, I am approving your visa! You will get your passport within a week.
Me - OH MY GOD! Thank you so much! Have a great day!!

My hands were shaking and I could not believe it!
Main inputs from the mock interview by Greencardez which luckily happened one day before my Visa Interview -

  1. Be honest.
  2. Initially, I was giving out extra information (I thought in 30 seconds I have to tell the VO everything) You only have to answer whatever he/she asks you.
  3. Be calm. Be confident.
  4. Greet the officer! Super important. This one thing changed his mood and he smiled at me.

Again, thank you team Greencardez! :slight_smile:

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I would like to share my visa interview experience which I got a denial then an approval so I will start with my first denial:
At first I come close to the window and then I said hi how are you doing?
He answered: I’m fine wau
I said: I’m okay thanks for asking
He asked : hmm you want to study English right?
I said : yes true
He asked: what do you do now ?
I said : I’m studying master in the field of mechanical engineering
He asked: why do you want to study English
I answered: I want to study English to higher up my english level to apply for a master degree in Automotive engineering in Germany so I plan to study two months in the US and go back home to retake IELTS exam because I have already taken 5,5 score in IELTS which is insufficient to study master.
He asked: why don’t you learn German?
I answered: I already have an A1 level in German but actually the master program is held in English
He asked: who is (name of my sponsor)
I said : can you repeat that? ( because he didn’t spell the name right)
He asked again : who is ( name of sponsor)
I said : oh that my uncle he is my sponsor who’s going to pay all my expenses
He asked : what does he do?
I answered: he is retired right now but he used to work as a taxi driver and he gets a salary of 19 thousand dollars ( he interrupted me when I was going to tell him about his other incomes)
He asked: where does he live
I answered: he lives in Norway
He asked: where? (X3 until he got it right)
And then he was writing something in the computer and then he looked again in the papers and felt suspicious
He asked: why did you choose to study Automotive in Germany
I answered: because I have just finished my training in Auto mechanic domain and I wanted to develop my skills and when I graduate I come back home to open my own professional workshop (he stayed looking at me) and I continued to repair vehicles
He looked unconvinced and asked: repairing vehicles doesn’t require to study Master in Germany
I answered: yes but actually looking at the reputation that Germany has in the field of Mechanic …
(looked down and get the yellow paper and said I’m sorry I cannot issue you a visa you can apply again)
I said : okay thank you

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And now I would go with my 2nd approval
But before I want to thank you that you helped me a lot getting my visa approved and now I’ll tell you about the feedback:
Consular called me by my name to come cross the window and then he greeted me and say
Hi how are you? Do you speak english?
I answered: I’m doing good wau? Yes I do
He said : okay, I’m good
He asked me : so why are you going to the US
I answered: I’m going to the US to study English as a second language
He asked: but your English is already good
I answered: yes that’s because I have studied 8 months here in Algeria
He asked: where ?
I answered: NOOR academy
He said : oh okay
Then he asked: why do you want to study English?
I answered: because I want to retake IELTS exam with a higher score to apply for a master in Germany
He said :why did you choose this school?
I answered: because when I searched in its website I found that they use a lot of materials to teach the English and I consider myself very weak at writing so that’s what I want to develop myself in , also the location is new york so …
He interrupted me by saying: okay
He asked again: who is going to pay your fees?
I said: my uncle is my sponsor so he is going to pay
Then he asked: how many brothers and sisters you have?
I answered: ( don’t want to share this )
And he asked again : what do you want to do next when you apply for Automotive engineering (I think he read the notes in computer from the last interview)
I answered: After I graduated from Automotive Engineering I come back home country to start up my own business by producing ‘Mechatronic of the automatic gearbox ‘
He said: so you want to produce the spear pieces
I said : yes exactly because Algeria doesn’t have any production line in car pieces
He said okay and started to type in computer and then he gave me the I-20 and told me that this page doesn’t need to be in luggage because it’s so important in your trip save it and gave me a white paper that has instruction on where could I get my passport back
And I told him thank you very much
He said : okay have a nice day

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