f1 interview

Hi there I’m applying for a double master’s degree and I would like to know what is the best answer if they ask “Why are you applying for a master’s degree again?” The course I have studied and the ones I’m going to study are related in a way and also I have a study gap of 6 years after my first master’s where I have worked for 6 years in the relevant field. will my visa application have any chance of getting approved?

The Visa Officer is interested in knowing your reasoning. Formulate an answer that communicates how your new masters will allow you to realize your goals and dream.

You could highlight what it offers that your previous masters degree and your work experience didn’t.

At the end of the day, share your reasoning. You will face hurdles if you’re unable to clearly articulate it.

Hope this helps!

Hi everyone, I hope you all doing well. I have a few questions, I would really appreciate your responses. I am admitted to one of the American universities, and I have already received my I-20.

1-) My first question is that I am a refugee in Turkey, unfortunately, in my country, the situation is not stable, so I am applying for my visa from Turkey. How can I share my story with the visa officer? I don’t know how he will believe me that after I complete my education I will come back to Turkey or my country?

2-) Secondly, my sponsors are my two friends, not my family members or relatives, so in this situation what I need to do? my friends already sent me their bank statements, and also letters of explanation.

I am looking forward to receiving your positive response,


The best way to approach the interview is by being forthcoming about your situation. You need to demonstrate strong reasoning for deciding to study in the USA. It would help if you focused on why you chose the program and how you plan on using the knowledge you will gain to achieve your goals. Suppose a question comes up about precisely whether you will return after graduating. In that case, you could answer it by sharing that depending on the situation – you will either return to Turkey or your home country (if that is what you intend to do).

Regarding your sponsors, they may ask you about your agreement with them – whether it is a loan or not. Typically, you won’t have time to show the actual letter of explanation, so be prepared to communicate what’s in it verbally.

The US Visa Officers are looking for candidates to communicate their reasoning powerfully. Being well-prepared and confident will be crucial to your success.