Change in Programme of study and school from previous VISA app which was denied


I was denied an F-1 VISA in December 2022 to study MBA in School β€œX”. I have therefore gotten a new admission plus a partial Scholarship from a different School β€œY” to study Masters of Accounting for fall 2023.

My question is;
Will the change in school and programme from previous interview have influence/affect my VISA interview this time round? If yes, how do I convince the VO if it pops up?
Thank you

Again, someone filled my DS-160 form for me the 1st appointment (December 2022) because there wasnt enough time to learn how to book the appointment since my admission and I-20 came 4weeks before school start date. But this time, i am filling the form by myself because I have ample time to do things right.

In this regard, the person made a mistake that β€œi wasnt working” but mean while, i was full time employed and working. He told me after i have gotten appointment date and asked me to tell the VO that i will come back home and run my mothers business.

Now since they have this record, how do i correct this menace for the VO to know that am actually working and the 1st one was a mistake.??

Your best bet is to fill out the form accurately and answer the questions as you normally would. If the specifics from the past application comes up (which is unlikely), just be honest and tell them that. Make sure to keep it short.

It is likely that you will be asked what changed this time around. You will need a solid answer to share the β€œwhy” behind your new direction. The scholarship will work in your favor, but your primary factor should ladder up to you long term vision.