B1/B2 - interview waiver 2024 update

Hi there,

This is regarding the recent changes to the 2024 Visa Interview Waiver Program for B1/B2 visa. As the EZ YouTube video rightly described that you are eligible if:

  1. You are citizen of India
  2. Your visa has been never refused
  3. You don’t have any reason for ineligibility.

Additionally (2024 New update)
4) You have prior non immigrant visa in different class(H1B)
5) You nonimmigrant visa is still valid or expired in last 48 months only.

Question: While I fill my B1/B2 application, at interview waiver questionnaire, they only ask the first three criteria questions.
How do I get to choose the second set of eligibility criteria.

The new update rolled out in Jan1st, 2024, Is the Indian website not updated to accommodate new changes?

I am forced to choose interview only appointment.