F1 Visa Interview Preparation

You can let the Visa officer know that you have the funds in your bank – mention the amount in INR and USD. Visa Officers rarely ask for documentation. If they specifically do, show them the bank statement.

Hi, I have 2 questions , Kindly help me with these.
1.My Course is MS in business analytics , but in I-20 its mentioned as MS in business statistics , what name should i mention to VISA OFFICER when he asks " What course are going to persue or why this course. If i say business analytics is it OK.?

  1. You should mention the course name as it appears on your University’s website.
  2. The bank statement should be within 30 days. If not possible, 60 days should be OK too. Typically, the Visa Officers don’t ask for documents, but it’s good to be prepared with the latest ones were they ask to produce them.

Good luck!

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My visa got rejected on December 21st 2023, I want to reapply again for 2nd attempt. I graduated in July 2023, now I want to apply for fall semester, so what should I change to my application? Is it an internship to do or join in a job that satisfies my masters program?

Hello team, please reply.

Hi members
I just got admitted in gannon university Pennsylvania in bachelors of computer science I apply through the consultant
The question is my father Runs a business of cars (Repairing and Selling) So how can i linked My computer science degree with my father business which I have to continue in future How I can convince the visa officer that degree will be helpful for me in future
Question no 2: My university is liberal arts school while studying computer science can I study some business related subjects rightnow I don’t have much information about my university and I’m going to appear in interview in upcoming days
Kindly reply team your advices should be appreciated :heart:

Hello Sir, I have a little problem on how to answer the question on Finances. I gained Graduate Assistant role which caters for 16k of my fees. I have a deficit of 13k which i will self fund. I am using my savings after working from 2013 and an amount I gained after my family sold one of His properties to a company. I would want to use this amount now in my possession to pay for the deficit and in total, its about 3.2 times more than the deficit. How should I go about the explanation. Thank you.

Hi. Congratulations on your admit.

We would have to learn more about your case and work with you to create a case strategically. That’s a service we provide, and you can learn more here: Student Admission Services

If you have more than the amount you need to show, then it’s not a problem. The guidelines are to show a minimum of 1X of your annual funds in liquid assets and the rest in other types of funds.

It sounds like you have more than that, so you should be good.