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Hello sir, I already applied for f1 visa interview on June 24th fall 2022, I had 2 rejections before in fall 2023 in Aug at 1st & 2nd attempt I went with majors INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS, at 2nd attempt visa officer said me to change my profile,so I have changed it now as COMPUTER SCIENCE as my major. My question is that if visa officer asks me why you have changed your Course what should me my answer.
Please reply,
Shahista nikkath.

Hello everyone!

I am about to apply for my i20. And I want to submit my cousin’s(who lives in the U.S) bank statement as sponsor to the university.

When I go for the visa interview, I would then show my dad’s bank statement. How safe is this?

Reason: my dad does not currently have enough funds in his statement but I still want to apply now to book slots since they are running out.

I need urgent advice please

It is OK to show different sponsors for application and for your Visa interview.

The reasoning is that circumstances may change since the two may be many months apart.

Hello sir
I already applied for f1 visa and my interview on June 22th fall 2022, sir I’m confused how to answers my interview questions. Because I have too short answers and not very satisfied. Please sir guide me how I can improve my answers

Hi Manjinder,

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Hi Shahista,

Visa Officers are interested in understanding the applicant’s reasoning. In your case, you need to demonstrate how studying Computer Science will be integral to your plans. You should expect a question where they will ask you why you chose the major or switched your choice since you interviewed last. Simply stating because the Visa Officer said so wouldn’t be a convincing reason. We recommend spending time to come up with a strong narrative.

Hello Sir,

I have a question:
I have applied in 2 universities so what to answer when they ask “In how many universities you have applied?” Answering “In 2 Universities” will impact negatively?

The Visa Officers are interested in learning about your reasoning.

If they ask why just two and you effectively communicate your reasoning, you should be fine.

Ohh, Got it. Thank you so much for your quick reply. :slight_smile:

Hi I am Jibi. I would like to ask a question. I have applied only to one University and got admit there. So for the visa interview when they ask about other universities applied, can I just tell that I applied only here?

Hi Jibi. Yes, that is precisely what you need to share.

Hey, I need advise
Can I fill the DS-160 and apply for a visa interview date while i wait for the i20?

Or Should i wait for the i20 to be sent to me first?

Note: I’ve applied for i20

You need information from your I20 to fill out DS-160. Unless you have that you won’t be able to complete booking your visa appointment.

Will your sponsor be shown on the i20? Or into the system?

That it will be a red flag if I call a new sponsor on the visa interview

It’s not a red flag if you change sponsors. The US Government understands that financial situations evolve from when one applies to a university to when one applies for a US Visa.

Refer to the ‘Financials’ section in this sample I-20.

Hopefully, that alleviates your concerns :slight_smile:

Greetings to all of you.! Query f1 study visa interview.
Is it ok to answer the question word to word same as written on Ds-160, or should change it slightly or completely during visa interview. E.g why you want to go to USA? If i replied " I am going to pursue my masters of science in civil engineering thesis based 2 years program from Hartford University "…is it good answer?


I have got a PhD program without funding for fall 2022.The professor have promised me that funding will surely be arranged once I reach there. So, I’m planning to show the 1year i20 amount to get a visa, but afterwards I will receive funding through TA/RA positions. The issue is that how can I convince the visa officers if they ask me questions on how will you manage your funds after one year, Is it okay if I just say that I will receive funding or do I need to show any letter regarding that? Ideas around these points are appreciated.

No, it would help if you personalized your answers. What you wrote is a very generic answer. The Visa Officers want to know your reasoning. It needs to be conversational and persona. We hope this helps!

You have to be careful when demonstrating your financial position. Unless you have it in writing, we don’t recommend sharing that with the Visa Officer as it may be perceived as a risk and ultimately reduce your chances of getting your visa.

Try to show a solid financial position using your and your sponsor’s non-liquid funds. If you have the time, you could also apply for a Student loan and have an approval letter handy. Showing a solid financial position will help your chances of success.