Background check and Security

Hello Greencardez,

I would like to schedule my interview for an F1 visa in July 2024. I have some concerns regarding the background check and security. I currently reside in Japan and will be applying for an F1 visa for my Ph.D. program. In 2020, there was an incident where the police were called due to a quarrel with my wife. I was arrested but later released a few days later after my wife clarified that it was just a quarrel. I am worried that this incident might affect my visa application. Should I disclose this arrest in my DS-160 form? Will it lead to a denial of my visa application? Will this arrest be visible on the officer’s screen during my interview?
I hope you can provide some guidance on this matter.

Moreover, I’d be applying alongside my wife and our 3 kids as my dependents.

We encourage everyone to be forthcoming in their application. Without knowing the details whether charges were pressed or not, we cannot advise on the matter reliably. It sounds like there is an arrest record, and if there is one, you should disclose it. It’s a red flag, no doubt, but it may not lead to an automatic denial. Good luck!

Thank you so much for your reply. No charges were pressed but finger prints were taken. What do you thing about that, sir?

It’s hard to comment without knowing the local laws and the complete background. Regardless, fill out the DS-160 truthfully, and if the topic comes up, be prepared to explain your situation to the Visa Officer succinctly.